Why you should trust us?

Because the assistance of an insurance professional shall strengthen your claim and increase the amount of the compensation

What you receive?

Prompt response whether your rights were violated and how our team may help you

What we do for you?

We’ll defend your interests before local insurers against contingency fee in out-of-court claims’ handling

About us

Claims Assistance Ltd. Is incorporated and existing under the laws of Republic of Bulgaria in 2010 as a limited liability company.  His founders are insurance professionals with strong legal knowledge and experience. Our team is not large which guarantee personalized claims support and satisfaction of our clients. Our mission is to assist our clients, represent them and protect their interests before the insurance companies, the Guarantee Fund or the National Bureau of Bulgarian Motor Insurers in Bulgaria, as well as before foreign insurance companies regarding traffic accidents that occurred in Bulgaria or abroad or regarding other insurance events that give raise to your insurance claims against insurers.

We cover the whole spectrum of life and non-life insurance policies, such as Life and Accident insurance, Cars and land vehicles insurance, Third Party Liability of  motorists, Cargo and Carriers’ liability, Professional Liability insurance, Product’s liability insurance, Travel insurance, Fire and other natural disasters property insurance, etc.  

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